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The Shotgun Protocol

PLATFORM: iPhone                    RELEASE DATE: November 11, 2011                    PRICE: $0.99

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Developed as an iOS app for the Apple App Store, The Shotgun Protocol is a collection of rules and regulations for the Shotgun enthusiasts who jump at the chance of beating their friends at claiming that coveted seat during an outing.

The Shotgun Protocol covers what passengers can and should do during the process of calling Shotgun, and tries to cover every possible scenario so that there is no disputes about the legitimacy of a passengers Shotgun call. It also goes into detail about Exception Passengers, those being special passengers who are not required to call Shotgun and can claim the Shotgun Seat.

For those who easily forget where they parked their vehicle, there is also a built in Vehicle Locator. User's can place a pin marker when they leave their vehicle and keep track of where they placed that pin as well as their current location.*

*The Vehicle Locator feature requires an active network connection to function.